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HJM states that the State Council of Defense has no authority to prevent German ministers from preaching in the German language. Since they can
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HJM asks Dr. Avery to investigate the new school in Sanborn that is teaching nothing but German. He suggests the school might have been organized for unpatriotic purposes which would give them the jurisdiction to intervene.
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HJM informs the recipient of his opinion about German being taught and spoken in schools. He then goes on to talk about how he is hoping the National Council in Washington will see the light with regard to the foolishness of the idea of allowing…
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HJM sends this letter regarding the county council and how their authority is more relevant than that of the Iowa State Council and because of this all reports should be sent to them.
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HJM sends letter to a school official thanking him for and acknowledging the fact that no German, of any sort, has been taught or will be taught in the particular school.
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The Milwaukee Journal was interested to see what the Iowa Council of Defense was doing in term of dealing with the issue of German within schools. They ask how they Iowa dealing with German teachers, textbooks, and also propaganda within public…
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Mrs. E. L. Kenney replying to H. J. Metcalf assuring him that she went through the entire library and they do not have one
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