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Chairman of Republican County Central Committee writes regarding enforcing Babel in German-language parochial schools.
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Council responds to Hews, saying not actually legal mechanisms to shut down German-language schools
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Place requests closing local German-language institutions, such as the parochial school.
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Methodist minister writes forceful letter in support of Babel, in which deep-seated anti-Germanism plays no small role.
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Wattonville informs on German-language use over telephone and in religious services.
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Neighbor informs on Swedish Americans--just as pro-German, apparently, as any German American--flagrantly resisting Babel in church services.
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County superintendent of schools approves of measure, as she has personally noticed the "pernicious influence" of foreign languages as the method of instruction.
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Lutheran pastor offers qualified support, noting that it was only "old custom" which kept him teaching younger children in German, although they understand English much better. He does ask for concessions in terms of elderly German-language speakers.
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Chairman of local War Council sees local reverend. Reverend asks for German-language concessions, as they've been given them in Fort Dodge. Chairman thinks "no," but writes Governor regardless, remarking in space on loyalty of Farnhamville Germans…
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