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Mr. Metcalf writes to a citizen who sought out to educate the public on the dangers of Venereal despises, and he states his agreement with the issue. He goes on to thank Mr. Schubert for his Americanism, saying if all German-Americans were as active…
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Council of National Defense asks the public to discontinue sending food to the camps. The waste referred to can be chocked only by getting each solider family and friends to realize that they individually are the persons asked to stop.
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Doctor notes utility of language to his business, mentioning his study of German both in Iowa and Europe.
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Metcalf responds, urging Davis to persist and press name changes, as "it has become quite the fashion to change German names to American names at this time."

Sketch of Augustus Sinning's early life in both Germany and the United States, including education and labor history.

The four pages cover Sinning's year at a German university in Berlin, his relationship with famous German physicians there, and his involvement in a specific case.

Cover page of Augustus Sinning's registration book at the Friedrich-Wilhelm's-Universitaet in Berlin from the late nineteenth century.
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