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Employees of the Korn Baking Company in Davenport pose for a photograph around a giant pretzel.
243295-997118 - Spaulding Elizabeth - May 12, 2016 829 PM - SpauldingL_GardenPamphletDistribution.jpg

The garden pamphlet is sent to schools to encourage school-age children to grow their own food in order to save food during the war.
189515-997118 - Schehl Tyler - May 4, 2016 337 PM - SchehlT_Letter from John Wasson to HJM_Metcalf.jpg

This return letter from Wasson details his contributions to the war effort, as requested by HJM, in order to testify against his being a slacker. He describes, in a charcoal pencil scrawl on a small slip of paper, all of the grain he has stockpiled…
189515-997118 - Schehl Tyler - May 4, 2016 337 PM - SchehlT_Letter from HJM to John Wasson_Metcalf.jpg

This letter is addressed to a Linden farmer, John Wasson, who had presumably been suspected by others in his community of being a slacker. HJM reports that his
184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 12, 2016 703 PM - NelsonK_B. J. Thompson to T. A. Potter, Feb. 2, 1918_Metcalf 1of 2.jpg

This is a letter from B. J. Thompson to T. A. Potter who has called attention to the German activity occurring in Winnebago County. He is nervous about the situation and feels there has been nothing done about pertaining patriotism. He also inquiries…
224259-997118 - Jensen Eric - May 5, 2016 106 PM - JensenE__InvitationtoChicago__Metcalf.jpg

The Invitation is to the National Defense of Iowa from the Illinois State Council of Defense to a show in Chicago to discuss what foods should be eaten by the communities.

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198708-997118 - Gustafson Johnie - May 3, 2016 1000 PM - GustafsonJ ResolutionfromW.L.Harding'sOfficebyH.J.Metcalf Metcalf_1.jpg

This bulletin is from the office of the Governor W. L. Harding, written by Herbert J. Metcalf dated November 23, 1917. The bulletin states that the Iowa State Council of National Defense is proud of the efforts from the women of Iowa. It also states…
233075-997118 - Foley Taylor - May 4, 2016 936 PM - FoleyT Food Production Metcalf.JPG

A citizen farmer writes a letter to Mr. Metcalf just informing him that food production is at an all time low and they are trying their best to make things work.

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233075-997118 - Foley Taylor - May 4, 2016 936 PM - FoleyT Wasting Food Metcalf.JPG

A letter to Mr. Metcalf suggesting that people stop sending food to their soldiers overseas due to the fact that the food gets old and bad in the mail and then it is just wasting the food and food production is already at an all time low.

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198867-997118 - Engstler Emma - May 3, 2016 545 PM - EngstlerE_Food Solutions for American Allies_Metcalf.jpg

The men of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy are fighting, not on the farms producing food. Therefore the productions of food of these nations have fallen into danger and Americas Allies are relying on them. Herbert Hoover plans a…
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