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T.A. Potter wrote H.J Metcalf asking what type of response and how much response he had received concerning banning the teaching of German in schools, specifically from the School Board of Mason City. To this Metcalf replied that he had received no…
250530-997118 - Lusk MollyMaeve - May 2, 2016 1259 PM - LuskM_H.J. Metcalf to C.H. Studebaker, January 10, 1918_Metcalf_Page1.JPG

H.J Metcalf wrote a thank you letter in response to C.H. Studebaker
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Request for exemptions, as well as statement of rights as "American citizen."
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Governor's office on situation: "these people cannot be good Americans and continue talking the German language."
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Hint of the coercion and violence: "it would seem to me that as a matter of self protection these men would desist from preaching and teaching German at once.'
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