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189515-997118 - Schehl Tyler - May 4, 2016 337 PM - SchehlT_Letter from V.M. Dixon to John Winterbotham_Metcalf.jpg

This letter from Dixon, a librarian at the Iowa State College Library in Ames lists five books that were removed from that library
184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 12, 2016 703 PM - NelsonK_W. H. Culver to Herbert J. Metcalf, Nov. 30, 1917_Metcalf.jpg

This is a letter from W. H. Culver to Herbert J. Metcalf sending him six copies of the
198867-997118 - Engstler Emma - May 3, 2016 545 PM - EngstlerE_Report of Committe on Women's Work in Wartime_Metcalf.jpg

For the first time in our history, the government has called trade union women into active service representing their respective trades in order to meet intelligently the difficulties and complications that will arise from war. This reports explains…
182351-997118 - Brockway Kelly - May 5, 2016 924 AM - BrockwayK_chicagopatrioticfoodshow_Metcalf.jpg

This letter is from the Illinois State Council of Defense. Not only was the letter purpose to ask for personal support, but also it was a state awareness letter. It suggested that if Metcalf could not personally come to the food show, that he should…
11  29  18 (1).JPG

Berwald responds to Harding, noting both the importance of English in American context and the importance of openness to foreign languages in the capitalist context of current American power.
John Klaus Church Resolutionss.JPG

Klaus passes on loyalty oath of German Methodists in Chicago
1  15  19_dutton.JPG

Patriotic letter in support of language ban, as "where would freedom be found in our world today, if we had depended on Scandinavia and Germany to secure it for us?"
9  3  17 (1).JPG

Report of Carroll County COD meeting, with some news of pro-German groups being created.
5  27  18 hillman.JPG

Churchman asks for clarification--says he would rather not stop preaching German, but will "cheerfully abide your order" if necessary.
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