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Nicholas Gonner, editor of the Iowa, comments on Joseph Eiboeck's new English-language anti-temperance paper, the State Independent. Despite Gonner's support of the paper, he is concerned that Eiboeck's lack of religious sensibilities will alienate…

The text of the petition, translated from an English petition in circulation at the time, requests that the Iowa General Assembly revoke the tax-exempt status of church property. In support, it claims that the value of church property (in Iowa?)…

A telling of the heart of German religious life, which centered in Illinois. The first of the German parish formed in southern Illinois. Both Catholic and Protestant
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A private correspondence between H.A. Davis and H.J. Metcalf, in which Metcalf has persuaded Davis to
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J.J. Billingsly has sent a letter to H.J. Metcalf listing the names of school board presidents in charge of school districts where the German language is being pursued. The names are sent to H.J. Metcalf
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HJ Metcalf has sent a letter to Dr Avery, asking Avery to investigate the opening of a German school in the town of Primghar/Sanborn, IA. If the school has been started for religious purposes, Metcalf cannot do anything. However, if ample evidence is…
257578-997118 - Van Eldik Noah - May 3, 2016 507 PM - VanEldikN_letterregardingGermanchurch_Metcalf6.jpe

A pastor of a Methodist church writes a letter to Metcalf regarding a Lutheran church which provides services in the German language. The pastor tells of the angry citizens in the town and asks Metcalf if there is any legal action he should take.
243295-997118 - Spaulding Elizabeth - May 12, 2016 844 PM - SpauldingL_Norwegian-languageInChurches.jpg

Mr. Metcalf writes to a Defense council member in Garner, Iowa, about information he received on a reverend preaching Norwegian at a church. He says there is no clear law against it, although he feels there should be. He says not to agrigate the…
249554-997118 - Smith Megan - May 3, 2016 114 PM - SmithM_IowaCouncilofNationalDefensetoMr.Behm_Metcalf.JPG

The National Defense writes to Mr. Behm about stopping the churches from preaching in German. Mr. Behm was not legally allowed to do this but he did, and was then congratulated for his great patriotism.
213185-997118 - Shepherd Anna - Apr 20, 2016 857 AM - ShepherdA_Letter about suspicious German school opening_Metcalf.jpg

This is a letter to a Dr. H.L. Avery asking him to investigate a German School that opened in Sanborn, IA. Metcalf suspects that it might be a cover to teach secular subjects in German language which is illegal but asks to check them out and make…
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