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Local pastor, while preaching 'render unto Caesar' sermon, forcefully stopped by Germans in congregation, who didn't want to hear "anything in that line."

The text of the petition, translated from an English petition in circulation at the time, requests that the Iowa General Assembly revoke the tax-exempt status of church property. In support, it claims that the value of church property (in Iowa?)…

St. Paul's German Evangelical-Lutheran Church, in accordance with the proclamation of Governor W.L. Harding, which forbids the use of all foreign languages in public assemblies, has completely done away with the German language in church, as Pastor…
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Clarifying Babel, in favorable light and with emphasis on Bohemians in Benton
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Lauer, pre-Babel, informing on suspicious local German ministers sowing anti-Americanism
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Forceful letter against Babel Proclamation, especially section in which letter writer says "if you force me to use the English language
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Board of Ed. Endorses Babel, especially regarding German language, as seen in move to discontinue German-language classes.
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Transcription of article from Cedar Rapids periodicals in support of Babel.
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