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184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 12, 2016 703 PM - NelsonK_Herbert J. Metcalf to L. H. Chandler, Jan. 22, 1918_Metcalf.jpg

This is a letter sent from Herbert J. Metcalf responding to the situation with the Holland school in Sanborn, Iowa. He tells him there is nothing that can be done to close the school. He still believes they are doing a great deal of damage and not…
184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 4, 2016 256 PM - NelsonK_L. H. Chandler to Herbert J. Metcalf, Jan. 20, 1918_Metcalf.jpg

This is a letter sent to Herbert J. Metcalf in regards to investigation that Dr. H. L. Avery did in Sanborn, Iowa. L. H. Chandler is in disgust with this Holland school as well as Dr. Avery was. He does not understand the by individuals are taking…
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Request for exemptions, as well as statement of rights as "American citizen."
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