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Pre-Babel: Davis asks German communities in Terril and Spirit Lake to stop with all the Germanning. Latter will and former won't. Proposes law to stop "teaching of the German language."
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Support for Babel in context of continued intransigence, by German preachers especially
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Notes worker at Coal Company who said that, if the US wanted to win the war, it'd take a lot of coal and "our women and children would have to freeze."
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Noting a number of seditious comments, Babel Defiance, and exhortations to resist the placement of anti-German-language signs by local Germans.
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Complaint regarding use of German. Note: asks government to intervene with Reverend Kurtz, same one who months earlier had vowed to comply with Babel.
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Hartnell tries to stop Germans from speaking and is put down by German-speaking town Marshall.
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Detailed list of German speakers, given by community members who recognize severity of actions, noting the "untold hardship [this will cause] them as close neighbors."
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