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This letter basically says to remove any books from the library that could be considered favoring the german side. Good evidence for talking about the vilification of germans and wartime policy.

This letter discusses the newspaper role as a propaganda agency for the government, very interest when considering todays media. Also interesting considering the very balant anti-german sentiment seen in many newspapers considering the government…

This letter is about instituting military ciriculum within schools so that the boys are better prepared to go to military training and example used is working the telegraph.
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Metcalf's man does his business and talks about his draft status.
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Metcalf gives forceful, pre-Babel layout of his reasons for legislating away foreign languages. AND we see here the obvious focus on German: "
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Metcalf responds, urging Davis to persist and press name changes, as "it has become quite the fashion to change German names to American names at this time."
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Metcalf responds to Shambaugh, will be sending some secret servicemen.
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