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Mr. Metcalf writes to the chairman of the County Defense council, where he explains the letter which he has sent to Reverend Bredow. He asks for Mr. Koeberls assistance in making sure this matter is taken care of.
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Letter addressing an educational campaign aimed towards providing patriotic literature in order to mobilize Minnesotan families in the war effort.
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In this letter, the Minnesota Publicity Director explains to H. J. Metcalf the posters and booklets they are circulating in Minnesota and also mentions at the end,
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Publisher writes against German parochial schools and the teaching of German in general, as Germany proper immediately Germanizes any territory it conquers.
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Morningside College has decided to continue teaching German, a move which Fitz condems as against the tenor of the times in both public and executive opinion.
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Board of Ed. Endorses Babel, especially regarding German language, as seen in move to discontinue German-language classes.
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Transcription of article from Cedar Rapids periodicals in support of Babel.
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Bremer Council of Defense secretary on Babel's reception in Bremer. Talk of meeting with German professor of seminary.

Cover page of Augustus Sinning's registration book at the Friedrich-Wilhelm's-Universitaet in Berlin from the late nineteenth century.
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