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Mr. White writes to Mr. Metcalf and asks him to cover how much he spent at the bank the other day

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In the letter the president of a German Savings bank writes to inform HJM that they were not aware of the German Coat of Arms on their bank notes. He states they have ordered new drafts without the symbol and concludes with a statement about a…
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The slogan of the financial institution,
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Watzke made the disloyal comment that "the Liberty Bonds were only worth fifty-cents on the dollar at the banks."
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Regel informs on the disloyal statements of Robert Henry, who said the US was only in the war because of J.P. Morgan
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Davis, as rep for German pastor, Karl Fauth, writes regarding potential modifications to Babel. NOTE: Read, who supports Babel, is vice president of bank from which this letter came.
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Prominent local German appointed to write regarding the loyalty of Arcadia's Germans as well as their difficulty in abiding by Babel.

Postcard from Theodor Rehder with image of Berlin, Iowa's German Savings Bank on front.
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