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POSTPONED The Choral Festival of the Northeastern Sängerbund by a Vote of Members Philadelphia, PA. 5 October. The 25th National Choral Festival of the Northeastern Sängerbund (Singers' Federation) of America, which was planned for next year in…

St. Paul's German Evangelical-Lutheran Church, in accordance with the proclamation of Governor W.L. Harding, which forbids the use of all foreign languages in public assemblies, has completely done away with the German language in church, as Pastor…

Unpatriotic and Disloyal There is a provision by means of which one can call to account so-called unpatriotic or disloyal citizens. All reports of such wrongdoings should be made immediately to the county Council of Defense. This body absolutely…

To Our Valued Readers As most readers already know, foreign language newspapers are forbidden to publish articles about the war, the federal government, or anything concerning other countries at war, for as long as the war lasts, unless a notarized…
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Chairman of Republican County Central Committee writes regarding enforcing Babel in German-language parochial schools.
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Council responds to Hews, saying not actually legal mechanisms to shut down German-language schools
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Place requests closing local German-language institutions, such as the parochial school.
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Methodist minister writes forceful letter in support of Babel, in which deep-seated anti-Germanism plays no small role.
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Wattonville informs on German-language use over telephone and in religious services.
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Neighbor informs on Swedish Americans--just as pro-German, apparently, as any German American--flagrantly resisting Babel in church services.
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