Agriculture and Food


German at Work

Thresher notes working amongst German Americans and wonders whether he can "demand" fellow workers speak "American."
German-American Loyalty

Local writes to Metcalf and Council of Defense on demographic makeup of county [95% German].
Anti-Partisan League in Johnson County

Wade notes the growth of a "non-partisan league" and wants to organize resistance against the organization.
Letter from Widow Elizabeth Hoehne to her son and daughter-in-law

A widowed mother in Germany writes her son and daughter-in-law explaining why she cannot bring herself to emigrate, even though they have sent money for her passage. She includes information on perceptions of immigrant life in America, as well as the…
Helen Tylee Doing Farmwork with a Team of Horses

Helen Tylee was left alone to manage the family farm during World War II while Ben Tylee was deployed in Europe. In 1942, the Cedar Rapids Gazette ran a story on her situation, entitled 'She's a Soldier, Too" and this photograph accompanied the…
Anti-Babel Proclamation Editorial

Forceful editorial against Babel Proclamation, citing easy reconcilability of Germanness and American national identity.
Language on the Farms

Man of the people notes that many long-time German residents still cannot speak English.
German Prisoners as Model Migrants

Writing his Senator, Rand suggests putting German prisoners of war to work in the Yakima Valley. NOTE: "I think a large percent of these Germans will never go back to Germany, but will settle right there in the Valley." Not a trace of concern over…