Appeal to Men


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Appeal to Men


1916 Women's Suffrage Amendment


An Appeal to Men

The women of Iowa who are against women's suffrage are fighting for the vast majority of their gender.

They do not want the men of Iowa to impose the right to vote on them.

They do not desire the strife, the bitterness, and the notoriety that are inextricably linked to a political campaign.

They trust in the loyalty of their husbands, fathers, and sons and do not suffer under their dominion.

To be free from the cares of government and the discord of politics is one of the greatest rights of women.

They currently have that right. Why take it away from them?

Do not force something upon them that can lead to no good, but instead create much discord, not only for women themselves, but also for the state and all residing therein.

Do not ask women to leave the sphere assigned to them by nature--a role that a man could never adequately satisfy--in order that they enter the domain of men, a domain they are not physically created for.

Do not force mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters into politics. Do not force the burdens of men onto women's shoulders.

Men of Iowa, we appeal to you not to abandon the women of Iowa in this crisis, and that on the 5th of June you will go to the polls and vote No on women's suffrage.

The Women Who Do Not Demand Suffrage


Waverly Phoenix


17 May 1916