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Mr. Shortess does not exactly specify what he is trying to do, but you can tell he knows about someone of German heritage in the town. Many people in that time period expressed their patriotism by trying to
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City marshall wonders about enforcement and how to report known "alien women."
Executive Secretary United States Food Administration to Secretary Iowa National Defense_Metcalf.JPG

This correspondence is connected with the previous letter. This shows how much of the United States was involved in removing German aliens, even the Food Administration. Every department of the federal government was paranoid and was involved in…
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Middents with long, thoughtful letter on Germans, immigration, and language in the context of religiosity.
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Informant on German alien near Schleswig supposedly advising local Germans to join army and shoot their officers.

The document is a church attest from Jacob Naumann's pastor in Wiebelskirchen, certifying Naumann as a member in good standing of the local Lutheran congregation and asking all Lutheran pastors in the U.S. to receive him into their congregations. The…

Jakob Naumann confirmation certificate.
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Writing his Senator, Rand suggests putting German prisoners of war to work in the Yakima Valley. NOTE: "I think a large percent of these Germans will never go back to Germany, but will settle right there in the Valley." Not a trace of concern over…
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