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Sample election ballot for the Muscatine city elections of March 4, 1918, published by the Muscatine Herold. By publishing the ballot with an affidavit in German from the City Recorder, the Herold allowed its readers to familiarize themselves in…
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On a Pro-German on the board of supervisors, also apparently interested in socialism.
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School superintendent "haunted" by meeting with a Marxist, who might even deny the existence of a divinity. Moreover, this was a teacher of history (!).
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Berwald, enclosing letter to Wilson, notes the benefits of rescinding Babel, citing examples in England as well as the new unrest around social and labor issues.
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Kimmel ntoes the need to "counteract the vicious influences of the Socialists, Bolshevists and other agitators who would tear down our present form of Government and present order of things."
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Calling attention to the "socialistic, German society" of the Amana Society, which holds property and women in common, speaking German all the while. We should "dissolve their charter -- wipe them out."
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Lauer reports a rumor heard regarding seditious literature passed along train, which states that the war "is a financial one and that high finance is taking a prominent place in same."
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Concerning unpatriotic actions, and violence, by groups, namely "labor leaders" and those "stirring up dissension among the workers."
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Editorial from Wisconsim Methodists on language and schooling, thought to have some bearing on present language issue in Iowa.
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