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Babel supporter notes that, while "people have always formed groups according to their nationality and language, but when we all use the same language we will soon forget that such things exist in this county."
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Exemptions for Monona congregation. And they're loyal--see the father with 14 children who bought $500 worth of bonds on first day of availability.
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Becker had personal meetings with German preachers. Several acquiesced, some pushed back and were threatened with yellow painting to match their "yellow streak on the inside."
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Lewis notes Braun's disappointment in Harding--he didn't vote for him this year--and worries about low-wage immigrant labor coming from Germany
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Harding responds to Lewis, saying nothing to rumor of German labor migration. Lewis can "depend that those in authority in this country will never permit the cheap labor idea to create havoc in our industrial conditions."
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Dutch religious leaders applaud Babel for regulating foreign languages in public and schools. But dear God not in church.
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Fritschel notes proximate case, that of old pastor in St. Sebold. You surely don't want to inconvenience him now, do you?
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