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The text of the petition, translated from an English petition in circulation at the time, requests that the Iowa General Assembly revoke the tax-exempt status of church property. In support, it claims that the value of church property (in Iowa?)…
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General support for Babel, but noting impact on Danish Americans, who, on account of the "past history" between Denmark and Germany, should be excused from proclamation clearly directed at Germans.
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Lutheran pastor asks for concession, citing the local Swedish church which is conducting worship in Swedish without molestation, apparently.
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Board of Ed. Endorses Babel, especially regarding German language, as seen in move to discontinue German-language classes.
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Forceful letter against Babel Proclamation, especially section in which letter writer says "if you force me to use the English language
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Transcript of Resolution from Imanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church to compy with Babel Proclamation. Includes list of signatures.
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Complaint regarding use of German. Note: asks government to intervene with Reverend Kurtz, same one who months earlier had vowed to comply with Babel.
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Pastor says was recently visited by secret service man, told not to speak German, shown Harding proclamation, and sign with name of church defaced. He argues that these actions are "reprehensible" and Gov. has no federal authority to do this.
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