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Wattonville informs on German-language use over telephone and in religious services.
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Neighbor informs on Swedish Americans--just as pro-German, apparently, as any German American--flagrantly resisting Babel in church services.
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Support for Babel in context of continued intransigence, by German preachers especially
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Forceful stance against local preacher--Rev. Bodenschneider--continuing to use German. Suggests this "fellow get what is coming to him."
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Complaint regarding use of German. Note: asks government to intervene with Reverend Kurtz, same one who months earlier had vowed to comply with Babel.
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Summerset Township chairman reporting on Kurtz's services. All seems on the up and up, in line with the privileges given him earlier to speak German selectively to older members. He also has demonstrated patriotism in other means.
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