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Mr. Metcalf writes to the chairman of the County Defense council, where he explains the letter which he has sent to Reverend Bredow. He asks for Mr. Koeberls assistance in making sure this matter is taken care of.
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Mr. Metcalf is exchanging letters with the County superintendent of Waukon, Iowa regarding their contributions to the war effort, handing out the gardening pamphlet, and printing this information in the local newspaper The Mirror.
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Another response to someone else about the situation involving Mrs. Mattie Calbreath. This letter states that the situation is now being looked into and will have a full report once stuff has been clarified and in the meantime to be doing other…
198708-997118 - Gustafson Johnie - May 3, 2016 1000 PM - GustafsonJ BelltoHerbertJ.Metcalf Matcalf_1.jpg

This letter is from the Bell, the Chairman of the County Board of Defense, to Herbert J. Metcalf, dated November 24, 1917. The letter accuses disloyalty in German Lutheran Churches in Ida Grove, Iowa. While he acknowledges that he spoke with a…
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Letter from R. H. Williams to H. J. Metcalf regarding a letter he received from H. J. Metcalf. It states:
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HJM receives a letter from the Chairman of the Scott County Council of National Defense. This letter discusses a letter with a German coat of arms on it. Mr. White voices his concern on how such a letter could go unmolested.
198708-997118 - Gustafson Johnie - May 3, 2016 1000 PM - GustafsonJ D.J.MurphytoH.J.Metcalf Metcalf_1.jpg

This letter is addressed to Herbert J. Metcalf from D. J. Murphy, and attorney from Waukon, Iowa. This letter informs Metcalf that there is a $136.00 Check enclosed to raise money for the men from Allamakee at Camp Dodge. It was noted that the…
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Letter from H. J. Metcalf to Mr. Anderson stating that he has no opposition to a Danish school being opened in Scranton, Iowa. He also states,
213185-997118 - Shepherd Anna - Apr 20, 2016 857 AM - ShepherdA_Davenport Democrat Pro-War Press_Metcalf.jpg

In this letter Metcalf writes to a Davenport newspaper to thank them for all of their pro-war efforts and doing the best thing for the country.
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