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249554-997118 - Smith Megan - May 3, 2016 114 PM - SmithM_IowaCouncilofNationalDefensetoH.L.Avery_Metcalf.JPG

National Defense is asking Mr. Avery to go investigate a situation in which they believe a school is teaching only German. They also ask him to be on the lookout for other similar situations.
Committee of the Iowa State CoD to National Nonpartisan League_Metcalf.JPG

This letter wants what is best for the country during times of war. The author believes that everyone should be as patriotic as possible and show their support for their country.
189515-997118 - Schehl Tyler - May 4, 2016 337 PM - SchehlT_Letter from HJM to R.H. Williams_Metcalf.jpg

In this letter, HJM congratulates what seems to be a school official, R.H. Williams, for having a part in removing the
189515-997118 - Schehl Tyler - May 4, 2016 337 PM - SchehlT_Letter from HJM to Dr. H.L. Avery_Metcalf.jpg

This is a letter from HJM to a Dr. H.L. Avery, detailing a school at which German was being taught in Sanborn. HJM instructs Avery to investigate the school and determine whether it was operating purely as a religious institution. If not, HJM asserts…
Chairman Scott County CoD to Secretary Iowa National Defense_Metcalf.JPG

The writer of this letter is upset that there a Pro-German bank in Tripoli, Iowa and that there is a German coat of arms displayed at the bank. The author thinks it is unacceptable that there is a German coat of arms at a public bank in this country…
Chairman of Cass Liberty Loan Committee to Secretary Iowa CoD_Metcalf.JPG

The letter promotes the importance of patriotism by thanking Metcalf for his athletic goods donation to the camps. This is an example of how people expressed their patriotism, which was donating to the Soldiers.
184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 12, 2016 703 PM - NelsonK_H. E. Morrows to Herbert J. Metcalf, Jan. 31, 1918_Metcalf.JPG

This is a letter from H. E. Morrow a pastor from a Methodist Church of State Center, Iowa. He is informing Metcalf of a German Lutheran Church that is said to come to town every Sunday and hold a service in the German language in his church building.…
237752-997118 - Stark Brandon - May 4, 2016 251 PM - StarkB_P.T. Grimes to Herbert Metcalf February 4, 1918_Metcalf.jpg

This is a letter talking about the new organization known as Farmer
Milwaukee Journal to Iowa Council of Defense, Feb. 5, 1918_Metcalf 1 of 4.jpg

The Milwaukee Journal was interested to see what the Iowa Council of Defense was doing in term of dealing with the issue of German within schools. They ask how they Iowa dealing with German teachers, textbooks, and also propaganda within public…
198708-997118 - Gustafson Johnie - May 3, 2016 1000 PM - GustafsonJ BelltoHerbertJ.Metcalf Matcalf_1.jpg

This letter is from the Bell, the Chairman of the County Board of Defense, to Herbert J. Metcalf, dated November 24, 1917. The letter accuses disloyalty in German Lutheran Churches in Ida Grove, Iowa. While he acknowledges that he spoke with a…
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