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General support for Babel, but noting impact on Danish Americans, who, on account of the "past history" between Denmark and Germany, should be excused from proclamation clearly directed at Germans.

How the war was framed as one protecting humanity from Germany and the warning towards German aliens give some interesting context into how they thought about Germans.
Orabutt, Scapegoats slackers and spies- the portrayal of Germany Germans.pdf

This dissertation brings light to some of the Anti-Germanism that was rampant in Iowa during World War I. The dissertation focuses on Iowan newspapers that included some Anti-German language in its reporting. The dissertation also explains in part…
Orabutt, DTJ Nov. 12 1918 page 1.pdf

The front page of the Dubuque Times-Journal is mostly celebrating the end of the First World War. However, on the left-hand side of the front page is an editorial about the end of the war. The editorial is Anti-German in all its language. The…
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German-language inset in Schleswig Leader containing news from home country, from Europe, and general interest news and literature.
Deutschland and America_23July1879.pdf

Editorial on German Americans and Immigration
German Language Inset_1April1915.pdf

German-Language Inset in Largely English-Language paper during World War I. The title says: "This section is for family members who prefer to read German."
Die Wirthsgewerbe_Temperance Commentary_29Feb1884.pdf

Article on potential prohibition law from perspective of saloonkeepers.

Keyes writes American family from Duesseldorf. He talks about the journey from London to Germany.
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