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Local doctor comments favorably on Babel in light of Harding's commencement speech to Cornell and his words on teaching German at university.
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Long-winded question regarding whether students may take final exam in German, as they began studies before Proclamation.
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Short return note to Harding, noting elmination of classes from Waukon Public Schools.
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Wondering how Babel affects the teaching of foreign languages in parochial schools.
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Harrison County secretary of defense wrote to Mr. Metcalf regarding a teacher being ousted in a local newspaper when she got married. At the time, school teachers were not allowed to be married, and this publicity hurt her reputation, as well as theā€¦
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Board of Ed. Endorses Babel, especially regarding German language, as seen in move to discontinue German-language classes.
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Letter informing Metcalf about a Holland School in Sanborn, Iowa. He originally thought it was a German school but found out it was not upon arrival.
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Shimck writes about need to differentiate between German and non-German foreign-language parochial schools.
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