Calhoun Parochial Schools

Chairman of Republican County Central Committee writes regarding enforcing Babel in German-language parochial schools.
Response to Hews

Council responds to Hews, saying not actually legal mechanisms to shut down German-language schools
Close German-Language Institutions

Place requests closing local German-language institutions, such as the parochial school.
Against Post-Secondary German Language Learning

Morningside College has decided to continue teaching German, a move which Fitz condems as against the tenor of the times in both public and executive opinion.
Anti-German Language Support from Board of Education

Board of Ed. Endorses Babel, especially regarding German language, as seen in move to discontinue German-language classes.
Article Transcription

Transcription of article from Cedar Rapids periodicals in support of Babel.
Doctor Favors Babel

Local doctor comments favorably on Babel in light of Harding's commencement speech to Cornell and his words on teaching German at university.
Parochial Schools

Shimck writes about need to differentiate between German and non-German foreign-language parochial schools.