Letters from Max Rehder to Theodor Rehder, 1928

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2 Nov 1928

Dear Theodor!

I have received your nicer lines, thank you very much! I have saved 100 dollars for you, please send me your bank details so that I can send you the money immediately.
It is really hard for me since money is tight and the season rainy, but we will be able to put an end to this in a couple of years, you will now get some money every year!
We are in hibernation again, but it still is quite mild here, fall is so much more beautiful than summer. Why don't you come over now? It is much easier now, you can travel by zeppelin, and it only takes 3-4 days. If it is urgent you can arrive and leave again in a matter of 14 days. The trip to America by zeppelin is a great accomplishment! Who would have thought 20 some years ago this was possible, when it took me 10 days? Nobody. Despite the lost war we will not be subdued! If it was not for the cost of reparations, Germany would have been up and running again, but the French cannot get enough! Health-wise, we are all fine and I hope the same for you. What are Martha and the children doing, the latter must be all grown up by now! My daughter is now 3 years of age and a big girl, she is just like her father, I am adding some pictures to this letter!
So, dearest Theodor, send me your bank details immediately and I will sort it out, as soon as I receive your letter. For now, I send you my regards and also from my parents and my wife.

Hans Rehder
Pictures will be in the next letter, they are not done yet.
24 Jan 1928
Dear Theodor!

Our letters have crossed! I received your nice lines on the first days of January! I read, dearest Theodor, that you are waiting for your repayment of your loan over 650.00 dollars and I understand.
Believe me, I would have repaid you a long time ago, but I was simply not able to! I have tied up my money because I own a small house, which I cannot sell because money is tight and without a deposit it does not make sense for me! I am also stuck with a new car, I represent the company for Sylt and I cannot sell it since money is tight and everything is so expensive. I would place the car in an installment sale! Finally, I still have some securities, but they are so far below ratings that I am not able to sell them if I do not want to lose a lot of money!
I hope that I can send you an installment of at least 150.00 dollars in the fall of this year. From then on, I will send you a higher repayment every year! I hope, dearest Theodor, that you will bear with me until then.
The mark is fixed, but the products are getting more and more expensive every day, basically we are again in the middle of inflation, but with products! The mark of course is stable, but a large amount of people have no money and most of them live from hand to mouth.
The Dawes Plan is ruining us, the taxes are overwhelming.

Our shoe shop, which is still owned by dad, is going well, but we do not have any surpluses anymore as we did before the war started! The earnings are spent on taxes and living! Dad has also lost his money during the inflation and now we have to borrow large amounts of money from the banks every year and the expenses are so high! Germany is looking good, but every shop and every citizen is crushed by the burden of the Dawes Plan. And for how long?
I would love to have Mr. Voss and Mr. Klink visit Westerland, I would then show them Westerland and the island and explain business life to them so that they can report back to you.
Also, my dear Theodor, you will receive the first part of your loan in the fall and I hope you will not make any trouble.
For now, we send our regards to you, Martha and the children,

Hans Rehder

Come and visit us, we can talk about everything!

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Letters from Max Rehder to Theodor Rehder, 1928


German Relatives; Correspondence; Weimar Republic; Financial Trouble; Dawes Plan; German Politics;


Letter to Theodor Rehder from Max Rehder in 1928 from Sylt, Germany. He discusses his current inability to repay a loan to Theodor, the Dawes Plan, German politics, and his hope that the American Rehders will visit Sylt.


Rehder, Max




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Box #1, Ted Rehder Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa


1928-11-02; 1928; Berlin, Iowa; Tama County; Schleswig-Holstein; Sylt, Germany; Westerland, Germany