Letter from Max Rehder to Theodor Rehder, 1922

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Zurich 8, 5 Dec 1922

Dear Theodor and family,

What is wrong with you, not one sign of life in almost one year and I am always waiting. I have been in beautiful Switzerland, in Zurich to be exact, for the last 3 weeks, the homeland of my wife!
You know that I have been married since Pentecost, I sent you my engagement and wedding announcements. I am on vacation now and am dealing with my correspondence here!
The season in Westerland was quite good, we were able to sell a lot! A lot of foreigners were there, mainly Czechs, Danes, Swiss and Swedes, but there were also Americans! But even though we sold a lot, money is getting scarce, mainly because with the constant devaluation of the Mark. One cannot save enough!
But I am on holidays now and I am spending some great days in beautiful Zurich with my wife! Unfortunately, the good times will be over next week, because I must be back home by Christmas!
My parents are also still doing fine, dad still is the director of the credit bank of Sylt, which is doing great! The banking business has improved in Germany, if I had the money I would have become a banker a long time ago!
How are you all doing, I hope you are fine, especially health-wise! Now I hope that you will write to me soon, so that I can hear if you are all still alive!
What is Henry Voss doing anyway, I have not heard from him in a long time, or is he not working in your bank anymore?
It is getting more and more difficult to keep up sustenance here in our lovely fatherland! Everything is very expensive! Just think, 1 pair of men's boots 25.000 M, 1 suit 90-120000 M, 1 kilogram of butter 2000 M, 1 kilogram of flour 250 M. If it was not for my shop, I would not know how to get through this. There are already many businessmen in Germany who cannot afford to buy merchandise because of the devaluation of the Mark.
When are you coming over to visit us? Come over in spring, you are always very welcome and my parents would be happy to see you, too! You can live here with us, we have a lot of room and enough to eat for everyone, so please come over. You are still able to travel to Germany for a small amount of money, despite the inflation.

For now, dear Theodor, I send my regards to you and Martha, my wife also sends her regards, although you have not met.
Please also send my regards to Louis, George, all of the relatives and also Henry Voss!

Happy holidays and a happy new year!
Hans Rehder

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Letter from Max Rehder to Theodor Rehder, 1922


German Relatives; Correspondence; Weimar Republic


Letter to Thedor Rehder from his German relative Max Rehder from Zurich in 1922.


Rehder, Max




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Box #1, Ted Rehder Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa


1922-09-05; Berlin, Iowa; Tama County; Zurich, Switzerland