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Lincoln Nomination


Civil War & Slavery


The Weekly Iowa Post

E.J Pleyel, Publisher and Editor

For President: Abraham Lincoln of Illinois.

For Vice President: Hannibal Hamlin of Maine.

Presidential Electors

Jos. A. Chapline of Dubuque Co.
Fitz Henry Warren of Des Moines Co.
1st District. M.L. McPherson of Madison
2nd District. Charles Pomeroy of Boone Co.

State Nominations

For Secretary of State
Elijah Sells

For Auditor
J.W. Cattell

For Treasuer
J.W. Jones

For Attorney General
C.C. Nurse

For Registrar of the Land Office
A.B. Miller

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Today's issue of our newspaper contains the platform that was ratified by the Republican national convention in Chicago, which can be considered one of the most successful national documents of its kind. Upon careful reading and study of this document, anyone who until now has been torn between the two principal parties of the country will know how to choose. This platform provides reliable guarantees for adoptive citizens like us, especially as regards Paragraph 14, which was adopted solely for the benefit of immigrants and was energetically defended at the convention by our upstanding countryman Mr. Schurz. It frees us from the hitherto disgraceful and despotic tutelage of the Nativists.

The Republican party has as candidates men whom one can trust. Abe Lincoln has worked his way up from a farmer to the rank of a legislator and is universally honored and respected. He is the true man for the Northwest; his origins are among the people, thus he is a man of the people; he understands the shortcomings and neglect by the government in regard to the Northwest, and next March, having ascended the Capitol steps, he will know where aid and reforms are necessary.

He is the man we have long needed. Up until now the presidential office has been occupied for the most part by puppets and cold-fish aristocrats who puffed themselves up and behaved like absolute monarchs; those who fawned before the thrones of Europe as well as before the money and n***** barons at home, and in the process forgot the interests of the people! Many of these men had previously resided at foreign courts and learned there what they had perhaps not yet known: systematic diplomatic humbug and the fleecing of the people.

The honorable judge Mr. Douglas himself has given Democratic guest lectures at various European courts, preaching the blessings of slavery in the United States for the amusement of those who rule by Gods grace and their consorts. Yet he was not received, as he is here, as the Little Giant, but rather laughed off as a political-diplomatic buffoon.

The grand duke Alexander, now Czar of Russia, took Douglas's Human Flesh Trade story to heart such that soon after his ascension to the throne he began to end the institution of serfdom so as to eliminate any suspicion of having endorsed an American N***** Baron System.

Newspapers affiliated with the Democratic Party accuse Lincoln of having split fence rails in his younger years; all the more respect for Mr. Lincoln for having earned his bread honorably. Better to eat one's bread by the sweat of one's brow than, as an idler and parasite, to play the great man at the cost of the nation.

Germans of America! Read the Republican platform with care, consider and discuss it with knowledgeable men. Then you will most certainly discover that foreigners have been considered in this platform and are regarded as free citizens.

Don't listen to these Democratic hucksters und political capitalizers: they make all sorts of promises to you now because they plan to use you as electoral cattle. Once they've reached their goal, then they'll give you a swift kick, just as they have always done.

Germans! Consider carefully that when you vote the Democratic ticket, you're also helping to spread slavery, and what German can be so conscienceless and behave so senselessly as to damn a fellow human, even one of another skin color, to slavery?

"Eternal infamy!" will one day be the cry of posterity: Germans, too, supported the accursed institution of slavery in the nineteenth century. Children and grandchildren will speak with indignation of their forebears and curse those who helped to open the free soil of the territories for slavery, thereby closing them off for free labor.

Your descendants will go hungry, for wherever slavery takes root, there remains no refuge for the poor free worker. Wise up, then, and provide for the well-being of your descendants and do your share to preserve a piece of free soil for them. Future generations--indeed, history itself--will rejoice and preserve your memory with gratitude.

Let "Down with the spread of slavery" be every Germans watchword and "Freedom for All" his rallying cry.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Republican Platform


Be it resolved that we, the delegated representatives of the Republican voters of the U.S., gathered in convention, discharging the duties that are due our constituents and our country, agree to the following declaration.


14) That the national Republican party is and will be against any alteration of the naturalization laws and against any and all legislation by which the rights of citizenship that have until now been extended to immigrants of foreign lands might be limited or altered. We are for the complete and effective protection of the rights of all classes of citizens, regardless of whether they are native or naturalized, or at home or abroad.


Wöchentliche Iowa Post


May 5, 1860




Des Moines