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Iowa Laws in German


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Next week we will begin publishing the laws passed during the most recent legislative session. Every German should make an effort to collect these laws and make use of them as needed. By virtue of an accurate translation of the text of newly passed legislation, any German with little or no knowledge of English will be aided in understanding the legal system of our state, and will in the same way be able to avoid being swindled by lawyers etc.

Everyone has to deal with the courts in some manner. If a German comes before the court, then he can almost certainly be expected to lose his case.

However, it would be something else entirely if a German standing trial, when he sees that hes being unjustly treated, could cite this or that paragraph of the legal code. In order to gain this independence, we have resolved to publish in our paper German translations of all laws which have up to this point been passed in the State of Iowa. Let no one who respects law and order, and who also wishes to save himself the useless waste of money for lawyers, miss this opportunity to gain possession of the laws of Iowa so inexpensively.

$1.50 per year is surely a small sum for a weekly newspaper; certainly no paper can be delivered cheaper!


Wöchentliche Iowa Post


April 21, 1860




Des Moines