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Announcement of the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad advertising land for sale, starting at $5 per acre

Announcement of the Burlington and Missouri River R.R. Co. advertising land for sale on credit, to be paid back at 6% interest over 10 years.

This map illustrates the journey undertaken by Wilhelm Fischer and companions in 1851 from Hamburg to Davenport. It is based on Fischer's travel narrative found in August P. Richter, Geschichte der Stadt Davenport and des County Scott (1917), pp.…
198867-997118 - Engstler Emma - May 3, 2016 545 PM - EngstlerE_Stamm to Metcalf_Metcalf.jpg

Stamm was pressing concerns and following up with Metcalf about enlisting in the Railroad Service. He has not heard back from the service for 18 days and some of his friends. Stamm is anxious in hearing back from the Railroad Service.
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