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185907-997118 - Zinselmeier Matthew - May 4, 2016 937 AM - ZinselmeierM_Image1_Metcalf.JPG

HJ Metcalf has sent a letter to Dr Avery, asking Avery to investigate the opening of a German school in the town of Primghar/Sanborn, IA. If the school has been started for religious purposes, Metcalf cannot do anything. However, if ample evidence is…
257578-997118 - Van Eldik Noah - May 3, 2016 507 PM - VanEldikN_Letterregardingdonationsofacounty_Metcalf10.JPG

Metcalf writes to Mr. Patton of Lenox, Iowa asking to send the counties contributions to various charities. Mr. Patton responds that there must have been a miscommunication and he sent the numbers in.
257578-997118 - Van Eldik Noah - May 3, 2016 507 PM - VanEldikN_letterquestioninglaw_Metcalf8.jpe

A letter written by Ben H. Walker asks many hypothetical questions about German and Anglo-Americans arguing. He then asks what he should do in the situation if the two are fighting.
257578-997118 - Van Eldik Noah - May 3, 2016 507 PM - VanEldikN_letterregardingGermanbooksinlibrary_MEtcalf7.jpe

Lafayette Young writes to a librarian about getting rid of German books in the library. Mr. Young ergs the librarian to remove all German books and burn them and send him backs a count of how many were burned. Mr. Young believes that all the youth of…
257578-997118 - Van Eldik Noah - May 3, 2016 507 PM - VanEldikN_letterregardingGermanchurch_Metcalf6.jpe

A pastor of a Methodist church writes a letter to Metcalf regarding a Lutheran church which provides services in the German language. The pastor tells of the angry citizens in the town and asks Metcalf if there is any legal action he should take.
257578-997118 - Van Eldik Noah - May 3, 2016 507 PM - VanEldikN_LetterRegardingposters senttostatecouncilofDefense_Metcalf2.JPG

Letter asking the Navy department to send 1000 posters to the State Council of Defense so they can distribute them accordingly. These posters have reference to theaters, clubs, railroad stations, and better class of shops
257578-997118 - Van Eldik Noah - May 3, 2016 507 PM - VanEldikN_LetterRegardingGermanSchool_Metcalf1.jpe

Letter sent to Metcalf regarding a German school in Sanborn, Iowa. The writer went to investigate the school to only find out that the school was a Holland teaching school. The letter goes further to say that schools should only teach in English.

Mr. Metcalf responds to Mr. McCaffree
243295-997118 - Spaulding Elizabeth - May 12, 2016 924 PM - SpauldingL_gardencampaignresponse.jpg

Mr. Metcalf responds to the letter regarding citizens
243295-997118 - Spaulding Elizabeth - May 12, 2016 908 PM - SpauldingL_Dow-Longmansituationpublishing.jpg

Mr. Metcalf writes to Mr. Stern, again discussing the publicity of a school teacher
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