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Article reporting on Nebraska survey of local German communities, finding much of which to be afraid therein.
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Empathetic note from local Loyalty League seeking concession for mother who has recently lost son in service in France.

Photograph from the wedding of American soldier Ben Tylee and his German war bride, Magdalena Gerhard. They married in 1922, following his service in the war. On the back, Magdalena has written "Ben & I, May 6, 1922, married in Coblentz."

An image of the Naumann ancestral home in Wiebelskirchen, Germany, as seen in 1912 during Sarah (Nauman) Keyes trip to Germany with her academic husband and daughter.

Broad-scale image of ancestral Nauman family home of Wiebelskirchen taken in years before First World War.

Charles Keyes takes family--with wife Sarah, nee Naumann--to Germany for academic year in 1912. Written on board the ocean liner to Britain.

Keyes writes American family from Duesseldorf. He talks about the journey from London to Germany.
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