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An image of the Ettinger family home in Waterloo, Iowa with three family members standing on the porch. According to the backside, the house sat at 1026 Washington Street

Cross-generational photograph of Nauman family members taken in 1906 in Blairstown, Iowa. The backside lists family members present.

The front page of the Nauman family album

The leather-bound front cover of a family album of the Naumans, a German-American family in nineteenth-century Iowa

A scrapbook page containing two images: the Gotter family home in Greene County; Millie, the eldest daughter, who later died of appendicitis

A black-and-white group portrait of the four Gotter daughters of Greene County, Iowa. The eldest, Millie, died of appendicitis in 1895 and is therefore not pictured.
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Harding allows the concession, although note that the war is over at this point.
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Empathetic note from local Loyalty League seeking concession for mother who has recently lost son in service in France.
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