Letter from Max Rehder to Theodor Rehder, 1910

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Rehder – Company Founded 1886 Westerland-Sylt

The Largest Shoe Shop Here Main Shop: Maybachstrasse
Shop: Strandstrasse

Mr. Theodor Rehder 6 July 1910

BERLIN (Iowa.)

Dear cousin!

Pardon me for not sending any pictures, but I have not yet finished them all. The photos of the Indians turned out really well, only a few are a bit hazy since they did not stand still. The photos of Florenz & Theodor Jr. are also quite good as well as those of the bank and the dance hall of Berlin. I will send you all the photos next week.
It has been almost 4 weeks since I left New York for Hamburg, nearly 6 weeks since we were in Chicago together, how time flies, but I still think about the past days quite a lot.
It surely has to be very warm where you are and fruits like cherries and plums will soon be ripe. We are also having the most beautiful weather here every day und more foreigners are coming to Westerland every day. We sell several white shoes every day. The spa orchestra that plays music at the beach every day has also arrived on the June 1. 35 men this summer, now we have the most beautiful concerts here every day. I will open our second store on June 15, right now I am still in the main store. I wish you were here, you would surely see some great things. Mr. Höpner from Trier wants to visit me in July, when he returns he will tell you about my homeland. He is in Lübeck at the moment, I received a postcard yesterday. I was very pleased to meet him, I only regret that I did not visit him in Trier.

When I left you, you asked me to send you a diamond ring. A couple of days ago, I had a good opportunity and bought 3. The stones are all very clear. One ring has 3 stones (similar to mine), but two stones are a little bit smaller. I can offer you this ring for 65 dollars. The second ring only has one stone, but it is a beautiful one, this ring can also be worn by a man. The price is 75 dollars (if you were to buy it in America it would cost you 100-105 dollars). The third ring is for men, but can also be worn by women. This one has a big stone, very nicely set and shining like fire. This one would cost at least 170-180 dollars in America, I can offer you this ring for 120 dollars. The professional, who looked over the stones after I had handed them in for inspection, said that the stones are all very clear and good ones.
If you would like to have one of the 3 stones, just write me and I will send them to you, well packed, as I told Tami, and no one will suspect a thing. Louis also said that he would like to have one, maybe you could tell him, too.
I hope you can read the German, for this reason I am writing on the typewriter. Just write me the American size in the boot size, then I will send you the corresponding size in German boots. It is now 9:30 p.m. here and I will go out for a walk on the beach and enjoy a bit of sea air.
I hope you will receive this letter in good health, I am feeling never very well and the climate here suits me better than the one in America.

With sincere greetings to you, Martha and the children. I remain yours,
Max H. Rehder
Daddy and Mommy send their regards to you.
Please send my love to all the uncles, aunts, all family and acquaintances.

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Letter from Max Rehder to Theodor Rehder, 1910


German Relatives; Correspondence; Migration; Culture; Business


Letter to Thedor Rehder from his German relative Max Rehder from Sylt in 1910.


Rehder, Max


Special Collections, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City








Box #1, Ted Rehder Papers, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa


1910-06-06; Lubeck, Germany; Berlin, Iowa; Tama County; Westerland, Germany; Sylt, Germany; Schleswig-Holstein