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Informing on German-language conversation between two soldiers and seeking means of prosecution.
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Harding responds: I'll do something soon to keep up the Babel spirit "during post-bellum times."
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This "mostly German" county how thinks they can "talk what they want to" now that the war is over. Gets a bit violent thereafter, as he engages in patriotic fantasies: "I am a real yankey [sic] and I am getting damned tired of it if you get a club…
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Lamont pastor wondering about post-war language situation for religious worship.
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Wonders what the current position is on languages. Are "we to let these fellows do as they please and talk as they like now, or are we still making them be good."
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Does the Proclamation still stand, now that the war is over?
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Schrage wants to "compel" them to speak English over phone, even though war over.
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