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Watzke made the disloyal comment that "the Liberty Bonds were only worth fifty-cents on the dollar at the banks."
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Thorough denunciation of Babel, listing a number of counterpoints. Included is a newspaper clipping speaking about Korab's letter to the governor.
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Rohlff aghast at being called a slacker and disloyal by Lafayette Young.
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This letter is in response to a letter from the Chairman of the Iowa Council of National Defense, Lafayette Young, dated November 9, 1917. Jacob Russ is responding to the accusation that he does not whole-heartedly support the United States…
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Vollmar notes the "old men and women weep[ing] aloud when I announced that this would probably be the last service in the german language [sic]."
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Prominent local German appointed to write regarding the loyalty of Arcadia's Germans as well as their difficulty in abiding by Babel.
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Regarding Babel, as church member whose notes need for "old gray people" in congregation to worship in German
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This Notice poster was connected to the previous document given as #2. This is a poster of propaganda the government posted to help ensure all citizens were going to by buying their bonds before Friday evening. Also, it did let the national public…
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