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Various events and activities around Carroll, and an aside on Prohibition measures.

Continuation of correspondence regarding the settlement of Marienfeld (Iowa?) and an editorial on the destruction of a saloon by temperance advocates

The Women's Suffrage Amendment

The referendum on women's suffrage will take place together with the June 5th primaries, in which voters will nominate candidates for state and county offices for the later November election. Should the measure be…

To Our Valued Readers As most readers already know, foreign language newspapers are forbidden to publish articles about the war, the federal government, or anything concerning other countries at war, for as long as the war lasts, unless a notarized…

POSTPONED The Choral Festival of the Northeastern Sängerbund by a Vote of Members Philadelphia, PA. 5 October. The 25th National Choral Festival of the Northeastern Sängerbund (Singers' Federation) of America, which was planned for next year in…
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German-language inset in Schleswig Leader containing news from home country, from Europe, and general interest news and literature.
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Masthead for dual-language Schleswig Leader
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