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Complementary Calendar for readers of the Dubuque National-Demokrat; the accompanying text notes that the newspaper was founded in 1856, making 1886 the 30th anniversary of its founding.
Iowa Reform Masthead.pdf

Masthead of Davenport, Iowa's Iowa Reform
Editorial on Turner Tagsatzung.pdf

Report on the 52nd meeting of the Turner Association beyond the Mississippi

Unpatriotic and Disloyal There is a provision by means of which one can call to account so-called unpatriotic or disloyal citizens. All reports of such wrongdoings should be made immediately to the county Council of Defense. This body absolutely…

Anecdotal reports on the increase in the demand for whiskey, activities of possible informants at pharmacies, and a beer-free circus.

Short news items in German from regions outside both the German Empire and the US, as published regularly in the German-language insert of the English-language Journal from Gutenberg, Iowa
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