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Asthalter speaks against the German preachers, for "they should be doing everything in their power to convince us that they are real Americans, instead of stirring up trouble for themselves." So, apparently, these things are given a broad, public…
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Danish American writes against the German-American settlemetn of Latimer
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Denunciation of John J. Adams, appointed to state board of defense, signed by "Disgusted Citizen." Claims Adams is a noxious pro-German who would rather than Germany win the war than lose under a Democratic Administration.
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Publisher writes against German parochial schools and the teaching of German in general, as Germany proper immediately Germanizes any territory it conquers.
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Morningside College has decided to continue teaching German, a move which Fitz condems as against the tenor of the times in both public and executive opinion.
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Ainsworth's side of the Kreutz case, in which he at first refused to come and then relented when given a public hearing. His fear is evident, and the coercion thick.
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