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Harding responds to Kreutz: you need to go to that meeting. Tell them the truth and all will be fine.
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Becker had personal meetings with German preachers. Several acquiesced, some pushed back and were threatened with yellow painting to match their "yellow streak on the inside."
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Pastor notes his compliance but also the local CoD's requests for him to appear before them. He'd rather not. "May I kindly ask you the favor to protect me against such unpleasant interferences in order that I
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Did CoD authorise anti-German-language placard? Says no.
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What to do with a man who, when solicited for war support, said "First I gave up my nationality, then my citizenship, and now I am a Hebrew."
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Ainsworth's side of the Kreutz case, in which he at first refused to come and then relented when given a public hearing. His fear is evident, and the coercion thick.
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