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Pastor says was recently visited by secret service man, told not to speak German, shown Harding proclamation, and sign with name of church defaced. He argues that these actions are "reprehensible" and Gov. has no federal authority to do this.
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Th. Storck and Sherwood A. Celous write a joint letter to H.J. Metcalf concerning the councils continued work on discontinuing the use of the German language in schools and churches. They speak of their own towns dealings with German
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Lutheran reverend asking for concessions, noting loyalty and providing references as to the same.
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St. John's Church decides to prioritize English-language sermons, but also to offer German translations.
Report on Francis Murphy Temperance Preacher Visit_29Sept1899.pdf

Largely-neutral report of Francis Murphy's speech to saloon keepers in context of his prohibitionism.

Civil war hymn book kept by Union solider Jacob Nauman, featuring a defaced section on temperance.
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