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Minister, named Christian Wolters, remarked from pulpit that "heathens were now trying to make them [Germans] use the heathen language."
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Concerning the anti-Babel and unpatriotic actions of several local German Americans.
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Transcript of Resolution from Imanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church to compy with Babel Proclamation. Includes list of signatures.

Transcription of German eulogy given over grave of six-year-old Florence Anna Rehder in 1910.

A telling of the heart of German religious life, which centered in Illinois. The first of the German parish formed in southern Illinois. Both Catholic and Protestant

Nicholas Gonner, editor of the Iowa, comments on Joseph Eiboeck's new English-language anti-temperance paper, the State Independent. Despite Gonner's support of the paper, he is concerned that Eiboeck's lack of religious sensibilities will alienate…
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Swedish pastor presses on lack of response to previous Babel inquiry.
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