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Concerning Mr. Lorenz's continuied use of German in sermons.

A telling of the heart of German religious life, which centered in Illinois. The first of the German parish formed in southern Illinois. Both Catholic and Protestant
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Dawson writes about Blaufuss and his refusal to comply with Babel. He suggests legal, semi-strong-arming means by which to make him.
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Chairman of local War Council sees local reverend. Reverend asks for German-language concessions, as they've been given them in Fort Dodge. Chairman thinks "no," but writes Governor regardless, remarking in space on loyalty of Farnhamville Germans…
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Reverend Zimmerman of local German church has apparently changed preaching method, notes the letter writer happily.
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German Pastor writes, noting general support and willingness to partially preach in English, but asking for dispensation for fringe cases. Includes newspaper clipping attesting to loyalty.
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Clarification on preaching to elderly German-language speakers
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Wattonville informs on German-language use over telephone and in religious services.

A widowed mother in Germany writes her son and daughter-in-law explaining why she cannot bring herself to emigrate, even though they have sent money for her passage. She includes information on perceptions of immigrant life in America, as well as the…
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