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Incident in Little Rock. A pro-German was forced to "quit" the town, but came back later looking for trouble. A lot here.
189515-997118 - Schehl Tyler - May 4, 2016 337 PM - SchehlT_Letter from V.M. Dixon to John Winterbotham_Metcalf.jpg

This letter from Dixon, a librarian at the Iowa State College Library in Ames lists five books that were removed from that library
184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 4, 2016 256 PM - NelsonK_Marble Rock Resident to Herbert J. Metcalf, Feb. 14 1918_ Metcalf.jpg

A resident of Marble Rock, Iowa sends Herbert J. Metcalf a letter regarding pro-German activity within Floyd County. He is asking Metcalf for permission to organize a company of
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Many citizens sign petition to remove James Warnock, Sr. from CoD because "he is disloyal, unpatriotic and a pronounced Pro-German."
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Informing on German, who said that he "hope[s] to God Germany will come over here and take this country."
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Concerning unpatriotic actions, and violence, by groups, namely "labor leaders" and those "stirring up dissension among the workers."
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Beveridge with several accusations against "radical pro-German assertions" in his vicinity.
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