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198708-997118 - Gustafson Johnie - May 3, 2016 1000 PM - GustafsonJ D.J.MurphytoH.J.Metcalf Metcalf_1.jpg

This letter is addressed to Herbert J. Metcalf from D. J. Murphy, and attorney from Waukon, Iowa. This letter informs Metcalf that there is a $136.00 Check enclosed to raise money for the men from Allamakee at Camp Dodge. It was noted that the…
184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 12, 2016 703 PM - NelsonK_Ben H. Walker to Herbert J. Metcalf, Jan. 19, 1918_Metcalf.jpg

This is a letter to Herbert J. Metcalf was inquiring about what should be done about certain arguments involving the German troops actions and military authorities. He wondered if the United States acts would get as bad as the German.

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249554-997118 - Smith Megan - May 3, 2016 114 PM - SmithM_BenWalkertoMr.Metcalf_Metcalf.JPG

Ben Walker tells Mr. Metcalf that he needs to get information on the German officers and troops as well as the American officers and troops.

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243295-997118 - Spaulding Elizabeth - May 12, 2016 918 PM - SpauldingL_Germansoldiersdesertion_page3.jpg

The Belgian Consul General, Albul Moulauf, writes to the members of the State council of defense, informing them of Belgian soldiers overstaying their welcome in the states by assisting the lecture bureau and recruiting stations. He calls this…
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