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Packer writes about the Lutheran church removing its American flag, the possible perps, and the community reactions.
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Place requests closing local German-language institutions, such as the parochial school.
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Lutheran pastor offers qualified support, noting that it was only "old custom" which kept him teaching younger children in German, although they understand English much better. He does ask for concessions in terms of elderly German-language speakers.
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Lutheran pastor asks for concession, citing the local Swedish church which is conducting worship in Swedish without molestation, apparently.
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Article reporting on Nebraska survey of local German communities, finding much of which to be afraid therein.
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Pastor asks for concession for sake of older congregation memebers, noting his own loyalty and sacrifices.
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Discussing local Lutheran Church rejecting Babel and repercussions that might come to German-American therefrom.
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Community leader sends in transcript of resolution adopted by Lutheran Church members
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