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224201-997120 - Wegener Collin - May 9, 2016 916 PM - WegenerC_Herbert Metcalf to Charles Marsden, 1918_Metcalf_page1.JPG

This letter is in response to an inquiry to a job position at a ship building plant.
Forceful Babel Editorial_Der tägliche Demokrat_May 29, 1918.pdf

Forceful editorial against Babel Proclamation, citing easy reconcilability of Germanness and American national identity.
252051-997118 - Mankins Adam - May 4, 2016 1052 AM - MankinsA_ShermanServiceLetter_Metcalf1.jpg

General Manager of Sherman Service, Industrial Conciliators, Business Department, G.G. Manmy, asks to assist H.J. Metcalf in serving the country by offering words of advice from his novel
Selzer Brewery_Sioux City.jpeg

Illustrated image of R. Selzer's Brewery in Sioux City, Iowa. Included are an "Ice House" and R. Selzer's residence. Of note is the figure in the right of the image shown swinging on a beam, a likely representation of the influence of German…
Schaeffer Brewery_Muscatine.jpeg

Illustrated image of John Schaefer's Western Brewery in Muscatine, Iowa.

Illustrated image of Christian Magnus's Eagle Brewery in Cedar Rapids. The caption states that this is "the largest and only first class building of this kind west of the Mississippi."
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