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Short news items in German from regions outside both the German Empire and the US, as published regularly in the German-language insert of the English-language Journal from Gutenberg, Iowa
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A long, thoughtful letter on Germans, immigration, and language in the context of religiosity.

Story of the first Germans to live in McHenry County. They came by ship from Germany, and migrated to the Midwest, because the farm land was promising.
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Mr. Shortess does not exactly specify what he is trying to do, but you can tell he knows about someone of German heritage in the town. Many people in that time period expressed their patriotism by trying to

A widowed mother in Germany writes her son and daughter-in-law explaining why she cannot bring herself to emigrate, even though they have sent money for her passage. She includes information on perceptions of immigrant life in America, as well as the…
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Pastor, naturalized in 1898, asks for permission to preach more German, now that war has ended.
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Here is a straight forward example of the fear of German aliens and spies. Metcalf is responding to someone who is upset about a Pro-German having a successful bakery and has made claims about this person being a traitor.
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Writing his Senator, Rand suggests putting German prisoners of war to work in the Yakima Valley. NOTE: "I think a large percent of these Germans will never go back to Germany, but will settle right there in the Valley." Not a trace of concern over…
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