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Council of National Defense asks the public to discontinue sending food to the camps. The waste referred to can be chocked only by getting each solider family and friends to realize that they individually are the persons asked to stop.
182351-997118 - Brockway Kelly - May 5, 2016 924 AM - BrockwayK_chicagopatrioticfoodshow_Metcalf.jpg

This letter is from the Illinois State Council of Defense. Not only was the letter purpose to ask for personal support, but also it was a state awareness letter. It suggested that if Metcalf could not personally come to the food show, that he should…
182351-997118 - Brockway Kelly - May 5, 2016 924 AM - BrockwayK_grocersdelivery_metcalf.jpg

In this letter, the issue of creating a once a day delivery system is addressed. The writer is looking to increase support throughout Iowa on the idea that it will be beneficial to the grocers to downsize into once a day system. However, the lack of…

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Pro forma CoD business, but last section contains interesting aside about "German women" potentially stirring up trouble amongst Davenport community.
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